Status Update, August 2022

As the Belgian weather is finally showing signs of returning to normal, I again find myself with a few spare morning hours that I can put into writing.

The time since returning from my summer holiday has been relatively uneventful. To be honest, I didn’t really feel productive at 32°C, so this update will be shorter than usual.

My “super secret” app project is steadily making progress. I hope it will be ready for a big reveal and a proper beta in the next couple of weeks. This will also be the first app powered entirely by self-hosted services (all running on

This is a significant change in architecture for me regarding side projects. Usually a proponent of “low code” solutions, the focus on privacy for this app made it impractical to adopt solutions like Firebase or AWS Amplify. It’s surprisingly difficult to find apps and services that consciously care for what happens to your data (when they don’t try to sell it).

Another exciting aspect of the “super secret” project is that it will also work on Linux. This is my first time building a Rust desktop application for Linux. I’m exploring options for code sharing between the Linux and macOS apps. Still, it doesn’t seem to be a high priority at the moment. On a happy note, switching between Rust and Swift is relatively straightforward, and it’s rewarding to use similar mental models for both languages.